"If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got."

Holocaust artwork:    “Those who burn books, will in the end burn people.”

For younger people, the Holocaust is a dusty old history. Some even question it as a true event.

well, it was a true event.  It did happen, and it can never be allowed to happen again.  But, it does.

Historically, there are many genocides.  Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia are all more recent examples, but genocide is as old as mankind.  Rome, African slavery, Spain and the Aztecs- are all part of a long list of inhumane atrocities.  The holocaust is not ancient to me.  I was born 25 years after. As a kid, television shows were broadcast for a week. It was an event to take the time to remember.  It was not uncommon to meet survivors with the nazi tattoo.  My father and his brothers were all jews that fought for America in World War II.  My father was a heavy machinery specialist in the army, he provided large truck and bulldozers to the British army liberating the Bergen-Belsen camp.  I grew up with the dark cloud of the Holocaust shame on all of humanity.  It has bore its way into much of what I do, and who I am.   It has become a dark part of my artwork in searching for some kind of understanding, but there is nothing to understand.  It is the reality that hate gave the world.